YVR Love: Tomasz Wagner

Bride and groom embrace in front of lion statue and blue skies.

This week’s artist is the one and only, Tomasz Wagner. Wagner is a photographer capturing weddings and people in love. Although Wagner is based in Vancouver, he often travels with his wife, Amy, capturing joyful moments in the wilderness.

These travel photographs include:

Scotland, Ireland, and France / Japan / Morocco

As for his work in Vancouver, Wagner has a unique approach to wedding photography that can only be captured in his own beautifully candid words:


“I enjoy creating real, living, and honest images focused on how a wedding day feels. The kind of images that start conversations; celebrate the in-between moments; hold their meaning after all is said and done; and serve as wildly wonderful reminders of the time you gathered all of your favourite humans in one place for one glorious day.

I play with light, layers, and reflections. I create with softness and hard edges. I like movement, understated moments, and all the ways in which people fit together. And capturing this while being wrapped up in the excitement of it all.


To that end, I blend in and start friendships before I put the camera to my eye. I give you the space to be yourselves. I read the rhythm of your day and adapt: whether I’m quietly observing a sweet moment between you and your mum, or joining you on the dance floor for the most epic party shots. I’m here to translate these moments into photographs that are as beautiful as they are true.”

He goes on to explain:

“I give it my all with every wedding I’m a part of and every couple who invites me into their lives. I’ve been asked to document love in the only way I know how. Love that is different, diverse, subtle, open. But the heart of this work is not about me and my vision as an artist. It’s you amazing humans declaring your everything for one another. In a place that means something to you. With the family you now share.

This is how the images I create for you are something quite of their own: a collection that reflects who you are, celebrates those most important to you, and takes you back to what it all felt like.”

Man with beard stands in foggy forest with hat and camera hung over his shoulder.

Born in Poland, Wagner moved to Canada at age six and never stopped exploring the country. He expresses that he wouldn’t be the artist he is today without his partner, Amy and that “she helps [him] appreciate this tiny corner [they’ve] carved out for [themselves] in Vancouver”.


His images are not only candid but human. They depict love and the feeling of that special day with family and friends. Without further ado, here is a collection of his photography:

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