YVR Black & White: Kris Hooper

City signs with wires hanging and grey skies in the background.

This week’s artist is one of my personal favourites, Kris Hooper. Hooper works on classic street and candid photography. He has a way of focusing in on certain objects and elements in each shot. He creates a focal point in his photos, creating a mini story in each piece.

Kris Hooper taking a film photograph of himself in the reflection of a building.

Many of his collections are in black and white which is really striking. While the colours are muted, Kris brings each image to life purely based on composition. Often highlighting a lone person in his photography, he tells a story with each photo. I feel like his images reveal how big the world is and how we all have a story.

He also highlights Vancouver’s distinct streets and infrastructure. Hooper breaks down the city’s development and structure, and whether or not this is on purpose, he has done an incredible job of capturing the city’s skeleton. He shows us what YVR’s core looks like in black and white. The black and white really makes the elements pop and sets an introspective tone for the images.

Kris makes me reflect on everyday life in the city. People commuting to work, shopping, getting coffee with friends — they’re all living their lives. The images may look solemn on the surface but when you look at them with intention, you really see their beauty unfold!

Check out some of his work from the collection Twenty-Odd Squares:

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