YVR After Dark: Jaume Creus

Man standing in front of dimly lit store at night. A large puddle in front of him reflecting the store front.

This week’s spotlight artist is Jaume Creus. Born in Barcelona, and based in Vancouver, Jaume has worked in the film industry for over 10 years!

His work centers street photography and his style is rooted in analog film photography. Jaume uniquely captures candid shots of Vancouver after dark. He produces very different scenes compared to Vancouver’s daytime.

Jaume brings to light the under-represented aspects of the city. Increasing visibility for all groups, he often photographs homeless people. Jaume draws our attention to the less showcased side of the city through the authenticity that film photography affords.

Increasing Visibility

A man resting in head on a cafe table, sleeping. In front of his head, a meal and a red coffee cup with a maple leaf on it. The city lights reflect on the cafe's window outside.

Here a man can be seen resting on a table. This one picture offers a glimpse into this man’s life. While the context is unclear, a bit of his story is shared through the image. The photo is striking with the reflection of the city lights outside.

I’m blown away by how raw Jaume’s photos are and how much vibrant colour he can find in dark landscapes. The images speak for themselves, take a look.

P.S. Note how often puddles and umbrellas make an appearance!

“I wanted to escape from the digital world and go back to basics. Film photography became a break in my life and I’m enjoying the process from shooting to developing the film at home.”

— Jaume Creus

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