Peer Review #1: Self Therapy

I had the pleasure of peer reviewing Siddhant Patel’s Self Therapy this week. I was immediately able to grasp what the theme and objective of the site is: a guided journey through mindfulness, meditation, and the science behind it.

The personal logo you created was a great touch and grabbed my attention from the very start. It clearly draws your public into the theme of being “here in this moment”. The title of the site also reflects that directly. Self Therapy is such an empowering way to phrase it and encourages the reader to engage with the site. I was also impressed by the image choices within your homepage. The homepage is calming in layout including the image carousel, reflecting the theme of mindfulness. 

The homepage was well thought out, but you did miss a typo (achieve) in the introduction. I also would have loved to see more content as your posts are really interesting! There are missing process posts and mini assignments which may be the case due to an uploading error? I enjoyed your “What can you expect from this journey” section which invites your public to engage with your site. I’d suggest removing those extra placeholders as we get more time to finalize our website’s content and narrow down the theme.

The About page was very candid! It clearly articulates your online self. The way you shared your personal story in relation to mindfulness and meditation was admirable. The Plato quote at the end was a fantastic touch and aligns with your site’s objectives. I’d say you could even include something along those lines on the homepage as well. It does not necessarily need to be a quote, but something that makes your public reflect and engage with the site! You’ve done an excellent job presenting your self image through self-disclosure which is an essential tool for this (Hollenbaugh, 2020, p. 84).

I also want to highlight the website’s incredible accessibility features and tools including text size modifications, grayscale, contrast modifier, links underline, and background lighting modifier. In general, the site is easily navigable as well. Well done!

As for specific content, I really enjoyed your guest post with Dr. Strange. It was so creative and tied extremely well to the themes of your blog. The content was informative as you cleverly broke down the benefits of mindfulness through Dr. Strange’s perspective. I believe you don’t have to reference the image as students have open access to images. I’d also suggest removing the reference list and perhaps adding a link to the article more seamlessly. For example, “Learn more about the benefits of mindfulness here”.

Overall, your site clearly communicates the themes to your public. You did a great job of articulating your online self. Siddhant’s decisions around content and design are captivating and clear thus far. Looking forward to seeing the remaining content develop and learning more about mindfulness. Thanks Siddhant!

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