Mini Assignment #2: Guest Post

Hi everyone, it’s Harley Quinn here taking over YVRchives for the day! What can I say about Vancouver. Well, it’s such a fantastically fun city. Sometimes I daydream about Joker and I taking over Vancouver. We’d open a hyena sanctuary and live in Gastown. I think Joker would love the restaurants and bars there! I miss him… Anyways, believe it or not, I’m a photographer myself. I love taking photos of cute things I find in the city like dumpster rats & graffiti.

YVRchives is a great site for presenting dangerously good artists — like myself ;). The voices are telling me to bring my camera with me next time I’m causing havoc around the city. Yaletown, Stanley Park, The Steam Clock, Second Beach, Kitsilano, PNE, and the sewers – all my favourite spots! I just can’t get enough of them. I really hope I don’t get locked up before getting to see the entire city.

I was formally a psychiatrist, but in another life, I’d be an artist. Joker and I would make pieces representing our love!! You know what, Vancouver reminds me of Gotham City actually. Similar cityscapes and people; however, no annoying Batman — thank god! 

Harley Quinn examining something pink in her hand.

Harley Quinn signing off, seeya darlins’ xoxo.

A special thank you to Harley Quinn for being our special guest this week! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and learning about your passion for photography, world domination, and Vancouver.

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