Mapping YVRchives

At first, the installation and setup work for my website was pretty daunting. I had a few ideas going into this process, and therefore, this period really helped me narrow down my project. Referencing Visitors and Residents mapping process I was able to identify what I was really interested in blogging about. This led me to photography and Vancouver as the backdrop for this site. Being that this is The Publication of Self in Everyday Life, I’m really interested in exploring how social space and identity are connected. And how identity is formed in relation to symbols and spaces. In other words, photography is a great medium in exploring the way we see the world differently.

Using Canva, I created a bubble map  to understand exactly what YVRchives is exploring and what I’m interested in blogging about! I realized the main aspects are photography, Vancouver, a living archive, history, and identity. These then branched out into different sub-themes like community, symbols, culture, art, local artists, and many more (you’ll come to know them as I build out the blog!).

As for my vision board, I created a visual representation of what I wanted to capture in my website – what I wanted to present as far as look and feel. I took inspiration from other sites and used Coolors to determine a colour theme. I also used Google Fonts and Fontpair to narrow down (you guessed it) the font! The website definitely still has a long way to go, but I’m starting to implement the various elements from my vision board. It’ll definitely be my point of reference and the rationale behind the rest of this process.

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