Learning From Peers & Self-Representation

This week’s process was dedicated to creating a story out of media as well as learning from the feedback my peer had given me. The main takeaway from my peer’s feedback was that my self-representation is limited, unless this is intentional. Siddhant mentions that as of now, my self-representation is not very explicit; however, Siddhant specifically mentions that if this is “fulfilling the intention to share controlled information”, it is appropriate.

With this valuable feedback in mind, I am leaning into the goal of my site: to highlight other local artists while still adding my personal touch and interpretations. This approach guided my assignment this week. I created a story out of other local artists’ street photography and combined it with my personal touch. Curating a virtual exhibition, I chose which images stood out and represented different aspects of Vancouver. I attempted to further personalize the assignment by adding an instrumental audio of an artist I really like (MF DOOM). This was a way to present my online self in subtle ways as this is intentional for my site. I aim to present my online self in limited ways because I rather the emphasis be surrounding photographs and the stories they’re telling.

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