Imagined Audience

I’ve been so wrapped up with creating something I’m passionate about I actually haven’t put much thought into my specific imagined audience until recently. I’ve had to reflect on my site’s exact objective and the logic behind the living archive I’m creating. The goal is to highlight local artists, specifically photographers, that capture all things Vancouver. 

Beyond just Vancouver photography, I want to explore the symbols of the city and the rich culture. The main theme of the blog is how photographers are able to capture the “behind-the-scenes” of Vancouver. With this goal in mind, the imagined audience thus far are people interested in art, photography, as well as Vancouverites looking for a new take on local blogging. The site also caters to people outside Vancouver that are interested in cityscapes. Street photography is a large aspect of the blog, and therefore, not only Vancouverites could engage with the site.

This broad imagined audience has certainly informed the design and aesthetic decisions I’ve made so far. I have attempted to create an intuitive site that emphasizes imagery. I often rely on film photography because this medium occupies street photography more than digital. This has also influenced the particular audience I imagine. An audience that appreciates attention to detail, simplicity in design, and authenticity in content.

That said, these are elements I value so the audience may appreciate other elements that I should consider. Catering to this particular audience could be achieved by creating a genuine gallery that highlights the photographers’ perspectives rather than my own subjectivity. So in an attempt to appeal to my audience, I will try to be as transparent as possible, and I’ll simply appreciate local artists!

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