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This week I worked on my essay and mini assignment #4. The mini assignment was interesting because it opened my eyes to just how easy it is to remix and repurpose someone else’s original content. Staying with the theme of my website, I remixed Vancouver street photography and film videography from 1933 versus April 2022. It’s interesting to note that as a student, I can freely use copyright protected content for educational purposes. So, I can use other people’s work to create and inspire my own piece without paying royalties. I enjoyed remixing the purpose of each work to create a contrast between Vancouver’s landscape, lifestyle and environment between these times. It also depicts the huge change in film quality and access to photography mediums overtime.

As for my essay, I focused on tackling how social media platforms create democratic spaces for dialogue. I analysed Iran’s recent protests and how they reveal a democratic digital space that plays a role in documenting and producing a digital footprint of the protests, how it allows information to cross borders, as well as how it can be censored by the government, hindering its democratic purpose. This was an especially meaningful project for me because this event has impacted my family. I still have family in Iran right now and social media is a critical communication tool for them. It was really important for me to research on the subject and explore how it connects with digital media as well as how it connects to global artists. Writing this essay gave me a new understanding of the events and I cannot express how proud I am of the brave women (and men) leading these protests. I am proud of my identity and aim to further reconnect with my culture. 

Women. Life. Freedom.

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