Getting My Attention Back

Craig Mod’s “How I Got My Attention Back” was really insightful. I could absolutely be offline for a month and in fact, I have. My Instagram was hacked over a year ago and I ended up disabling it. I’m grateful that my community isn’t online but entirely offline because it made the transition easier. I definitely felt disconnected at the start of losing my account – not being able to keep up with friends outside my immediate circle. But honestly after a while I too got my attention back. Similar to what Mod expressed, I also feel privileged that I’m able to disconnect. Attention is absolutely a muscle and I’ve noticed subtle differences since I left IG which was initially the main app I’d use.

I do eventually want to create a new account but I’m hoping this one can be curated with a smaller group of connections and content that’ll motivate me like local artists and photography accounts rather than content that drains my attention. I think this is possible but it’ll require intention and effort otherwise I’ll end up losing my attention again…

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