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Community Guidelines

The site’s community guidelines will be centered around my community standards which are heavily informed by The Guardian’s community standards. These include: I acknowledge criticism of the articles I publish, but will defend my stance as these are simply my subjective opinions regarding topics. While I understand that some people feel strongly about certain topics, …

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Transmedia Integration and Channels

This week’s topic is centered around incorporating more transmedia integration and leveraging various channels for our blog. In Kevin Britteny Lauren’s blog (2013), they reference Henry Jenkins’ definition of transmedia storytelling which describes it as a process by which elements of fiction are disseminated across different media channels to enhance users’ experience. They go on …

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Identity & Self

This week I worked on my essay and mini assignment #4. The mini assignment was interesting because it opened my eyes to just how easy it is to remix and repurpose someone else’s original content. Staying with the theme of my website, I remixed Vancouver street photography and film videography from 1933 versus April 2022. …

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Imagined Audience

I’ve been so wrapped up with creating something I’m passionate about I actually haven’t put much thought into my specific imagined audience until recently. I’ve had to reflect on my site’s exact objective and the logic behind the living archive I’m creating. The goal is to highlight local artists, specifically photographers, that capture all things …

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