Community Guidelines

The site’s community guidelines will be centered around my community standards which are heavily informed by The Guardian’s community standards. These include: I acknowledge criticism of the articles I publish, but will defend my stance as these are simply my subjective opinions regarding topics. While I understand that some people feel strongly about certain topics, …

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Transmedia Integration and Channels

This week’s topic is centered around incorporating more transmedia integration and leveraging various channels for our blog. In Kevin Britteny Lauren’s blog (2013), they reference Henry Jenkins’ definition of transmedia storytelling which describes it as a process by which elements of fiction are disseminated across different media channels to enhance users’ experience. They go on …

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Peer Review #3: I Wear Your Grandad’s Clothes

For this week’s third and final peer review, I had the pleasure of reviewing Makena Leyh’s site: What a great site and theme idea! Starting off with design, the dynamic page element immediately grabbed my attention. I really like how the blog posts slightly move while scrolling the page, making the site more engaging …

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remix of Rosie the riveter with Persian text and pink background.

Women. Life. Freedom.: An Analysis of Iran’s Protests and Digital Democracy

While there have always been citizen movements and protests throughout history, the introduction of social media has added a new layer to these events. Notably, Iran has seen several protests since the Islamic regime took over in 1979. Iran’s Green Movement in 2009 marked the first widespread protests against the totalitarian regime. In recent months, …

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