Analytics, SEO, & Audience Growth

The data Google Analytics provides is important because it supports a user’s specific goals. Its benefits derive from how a website owner chooses to use the data that it provides. It is important to have specific goals in place to optimize Google Analytics use. This versatile tool ultimately helps create better-informed decisions surrounding website engagement and marketing. So, if used correctly, Google Analytics helps grow a website’s audience.

A notable aspect of Google Analytics is its ability to uncover patterns and trends from website users. These trends reveal a lot about a website’s audience and not only informs increased viewership, but also fuels better user experience (Hollingsworth, 2018). I could use Google Analytics to optimize SEOs and ultimately create a more accessible site. This would make my site more efficient and help me achieve my blog’s goals.

To the same degree, mobile phones have created key mediums for accessing apps, games, and websites. According to State of Mobile (2022), in 2021, around 233 apps and games generated over $100 million dollars. Mobile phones have catalyzed more screen time than ever, which means more time that could be spent on websites and blogs. This also means more money spent on digital media, creating an opportunity for monetizing websites.

Finally, on the topic of tactics to ensure growing viewership, SEO is critical. Organic search is a huge source of blog traffic (Hollingsworth, 2018), making SEOs a fantastic tool to grow a website audience. SEOs build blog credibility, as well as give deep insight into site users’ behaviour (Hollingsworth, 2018). SEOs are a cost-effective tool that allows website owners to understand what their users really want.

How does this all apply to YVRchives? Well, this knowledge will allow me to leverage the plugins Google Analytics and Google AdSense. I can understand how to serve the best content to my audience as well as monetize my site through ads that will actually be useful for viewers.

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