About Us

Exploring Vancouver through photography & local artists

YVRchives is proudly a Vancouver-based blog, launched in 2022. Currently a one-woman team, I celebrate different photographers' take on Beautiful B.C.'s Vancouver!

〰️ Read about these talented photographers and how they capture Vancouver’s unique identity and cultures. I’ll learn a thing or two from our talented artists and share my photos as well. 〰️

About me

Living on the north shore, I’ve always been inspired by Vancouver’s beautiful mountains and vibrant forests! The first time I picked up a camera was on a hike with friends and ever since then I’ve developed a passion for both film and digital photography. I love looking to other artists’ work for inspiration — and their creativity definitely motivated me to find my style of photography.

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Black and white photo of man walking in the forefront. Bike in the background. Concrete pillars of bridge in the background as well as fire hydrant.
yvrchives logo (1)
Two story grey blueish house. Dark orange rims. House
Cherry blossom tree in a field. With building in the background. Sun beaming through the cherry blossom leaves.

Photos by Ariela Badenas

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